Fomerly: Frizzelle & Parsons Die Sinking Company
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Contour Machining
F & P Machining is capable of precision CNC contour machining. We have 10 CNC machines that offer full 3-axis CNC contouring for parts up to 139” x 49”.
  • Finkle FX
  • H13
  • 4140
  • Holder blocks
Hard Milling
F & P Machining provides CNC hard milling services for fabricating precision dies and die components with up to 70Rc.
  • Up to 70 RC
  • Full 3 axis CNC precision machining (+/- .0001 inches)
  • Table size 31.5" X 47"
  • Load sizes to 3300 lbs
Forge Dies
F & P Machining uses full 3 axis CNC machining and state of the art CAM software to ensure the top level of quality, precision, and cost savings for our customer.
  • Aircraft and Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Defense industry
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Welcome To F & P Machining, Inc Formerly: Frizzelle & Parsons Die Sinking Company

Founded in 1944 by Richard Frizzelle & Henry Parsons, Frizzelle & Parsons Die Sinking Company has a long and successful history of service to the die cast, plastic, and forging industries.